We know what a tiresome task it is taking physical inventory to keep your store quantities up to date.

We have a solution for you. It is our new Stock Room module. No upgrade of the Point of Sale is necessary. This module is dropped into a folder and it ties into the Rocket POS data with one click.

It is very easy to use and requires very little training. You can scan your warehouse cases, your cooler, your shelf, your displays, and other inventory locations you may have. When your done scanning, you can verify the inventory counts with reports. When you are satisfied, you can upload results to Quantity on Hand field in the Point of Sale.

  • Some of the more enhanced features are listed below;

  • Several people can be doing inventory scans at a time

  • Several scans of the same item in different areas of your warehouse / store is supported

  • Posting is easy and quick with one button click and can be done anytime

  • Password protection in the proper places are a part of this module

  • Built in reports help you track what scans and posts have happened

  • This can be run on any Windows computer or tablet with or without the Point of Sale on it

  • You can modify the selling price and case lot count at the same time of scanning

  • It is optional to do Blind Inventory or Non-Blind inventory by a supervisor setting

  • Designed to be run on a Touch Screen system or by keyboard or both.

  • Reports can go to screen, printer or PDF file

  • Reports can be printed in order of Description or Barcode or SKU.

  • Reports are directed to any printer on your system through a setting

  • Works across Wireless and/or Wired networks

Thank you for visiting our website and downloading the free demo sample. As with all Rocket software, once unlocked, this demo software will transform into the real version.
As always, you can purchase this module directly from us, or as we usually suggest, from your dealer.

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